San Diego Wake Up House

Mindful Intentional Living

Growing the Seed of a Wake Up House By Nick Neild A Wake Up house is an intentional community of dedicated young mindfulness practitioners who have a strong aspiration to support one another on their respective spiritual paths. It is a natural extension of the Wake Up Sangha. It becomes its […]

Wake Up Edinburgh

Wake Up Edinburgh   Recently updated !

This month as Sangha of the month, we travel to Scotland! Enjoy getting to know Wake Up Edinburgh, their diverse Sangha, and their practice 😀

New Hamlet Plum Village altar

Diary from a Monastic Sister 1 Haga clic aquĂ­ para leer en español   Recently updated !

Meditation Hall of Inspiration 12 September 2015 Dear Thay, It is still dark outside; we have just finished the meditation. Here, we have started the Fall Retreat after “two weeks of leisure.” In the early morning the mist is still hanging over the glass door. The Fall is often the […]


Dear Thich Nhat Hanh 1 Haga clic aquí para leer en español

Dear Thich Nhat Hanh, First and foremost, thank you for everything. And Nothing, for that matter. We will probably never meet, but I will be eternally grateful for the work you have done to bring mindfulness to the west. I was in a dark time when I first encountered your […]

Denise Nguyen and her mother_author photo

My Mother, My SelfHaga clic aquĂ­ para leer en español   Recently updated !

By Denise (Diem Trang) Nguyen For those of us who fled Vietnam, treasured photographs of our lives in the homeland are hard to come by. My family and I are lucky to have one small box full of mementos. It was a delight to see vintage black and white pictures of […]

Louis Nago and Su Nghiem

The Monastics on French Television: Part II 1 Haga clic aquĂ­ para leer en español   Recently updated !

On 31st May 2015, Louis Nagot from Wake Up Paris and Sister Su Nghiem were interviewed on French national television. They shared about the Five Mindfulness Trainings, the Beginning Anew Practice, and the benefits of practicing mindfulness with other young people in a community. The interview is in French and you can read the […]


Gatha for Healing Racial, Systemic and Social Inequity   Recently updated !

Aware of the suffering caused by racial, systemic, and social inequities, we commit ourselves, individually and as a community, to understanding the roots of these inequities, and to transforming this suffering into compassion, understanding and love in action. As a global community of practitioners, we are aware of the disproportionate […]

Wake Up Milpitas

Wake Up MilpitasHaga clic aquĂ­ para leer en español   Recently updated !

For this month’s Sangha of the Month, we get to know Wake Up Milpitas from California and how they got inspired to start a Sangha after the North American Viet Wake Up Tour in 2014. Happy reading 😀

Wake Up retreat Mountain Lamp

Waking Up, Growing Up 1   Recently updated !

Practicing Upeksha in Wake Up By David Viafora The practice of inclusiveness (also known as equanimity or upeksha) may be one of the most challenging edges of practice that we confront as Wake Up practitioners. The strength of Wake Up is that it channels the vitality, creativity, and joy of […]

Thay with the bell by David Nelson

Living Love: Q&A with Thich Nhat Hanh   Recently updated !

Plum Village, July 26, 2009 If you look around, you’ll see four pine trees that were planted by Thay twenty-eight years ago. At that time we were already thinking of using this space for a Dharma hall. This is the youngest one. [Points to tree] They have been practicing very […]

Blue Cliff Monastery in winter

Slowing Down

During the winter, Thich Nhat Hanh has always encouraged us to step back from technology in order to spend more time and energy on our personal practice. The webmasters of Wake Up will support this collective energy of slowing down by going offline and will resume updating the website and sending newsletters […]

Wake Up Cork

Mindfulness with Wake Up Cork   Recently updated !

This past summer, Michael O’Mahony interviewed Jean O’Hanlon, one of the facilitators from Wake Up Cork, about the Wake Up movement and mindfulness in Ireland on the University College Cork radio show “The Health Zone.” It starts on the 22nd minute and lasts 10 minutes. Enjoy listening to the interview!

Wake Up Bellingham

Wake Up Bellingham   Recently updated !

For this month’s Sangha of the Month, we get to know Wake Up Bellingham from Washington, US, that formed at the beginning of this year. Learn how they discovered Wake Up, support each other’s practices, and most importantly: how they are having fun 😀

Sophie Webb Plum Village

The 2014 Family Retreat   Recently updated !

Last year at New Barn Family Retreat I enjoyed playing with my friends. I met a lot of new people and found out the names of the animals. There were many fun activities such as feeding the goat. A funny thing happened when I was playing––Sammy the Ram escaped! Luckily […]