Wake Up Pereira   Recently updated !

Our Sangha of the month for this month is Wake Up Pereira from Colombia! Thanks to the monastics’ visit to Latin America at the end of last year, they were inspired to start a Sangha. Read here to get to know them better and how they are practicing together

Wake Up Pereira

Wake Up Japan Day of Mindfulness with Plum Village Monastics

Wake Up Japan Day of Mindfulness with the Monastics   Recently updated !

On Saturday, 9 May 2015, the monastics from different Plum Village practice centres and about 100 young people participated in a meditation flash mob on Harajuku Bridge, bringing a unexpected energy of stillness and concentration to the bustling heart of the city. They continued with a Day of Mindfulness where they practiced walking meditation, eating meditation, total […]

36 Years

By Sister Hai An (Sister Ocean) 36 years 36 years was all you got 36 years to learn, to laugh, to work and to love 36 years was all that you got i don’t know what your last thoughts were i just remember the last time i was with you you dropped me and holly […]


Reverence is the Nature of my Love

Sex, Desire and Craving 1

After my three-month ‘detox’ and with the supportive friendships I developed during my three-month stay at Plum Village, I decided to carefully consider my relationship to the Third Mindfulness Training and to take a break from sex. When I first heard the Third Training on true love and sexual energy, I was in great opposition […]

Congratulations Wake Up London!

Congratulations to Wake Up London for having won The Spiritual Community Initiative Award 2015 at the Kindred Spirit Awards Ceremony during the MindBodySpirit London Wellbeing Festival yesterday! From Wake Up London: Thank you Kindred Spirit Magazine for shortlisting us, thank you to all our friends who voted for us, and thank you to all beings […]



The Healing Song

Dear friends!

This song “emerged” at the beginning of the 3-month-winter retreat in Plum Village and contains what I deeply learned from Thay.

May it support you whenever you need a “reminder”; may we all be able to just entrust and let healing happen…!

With love and deep gratitude to Thay and the Sangha.

Click here to download the song (right-click with your mouse to save it on your computer)

Wake Up Netherlands

Meditating For the Benefit of Another 1

The bell rings. With legs in lotus posture, twenty young people are sitting on meditation cushions in a circle. A Buddha statue, half the size of a man, brotherly sits between them. In front of the statue three candles are burning. The bell rings again. Everyone is silent. This is a gathering of Wake Up, a Buddhist youth organization in […]

A Window of Plum Village

Haga clic aquí para leer en español Clicca qui per leggere il post in italiano A Day of Mindfulness Practices in Camaldoli with Wake Up Arezzo On Saturday 6th September 2014, Wake Up Arezzo organised its first day of mindfulness. It was a wonderful day where the sun sustained us. It was great to organise […]

Wake Up Arezzo Day of Mindfulness