How the Retreat Nourished Me   Recently updated !

Haga clic aquí para leer en español A Wake Up practitioner shares her experiences of attending the Wake Up retreat in Mountain Lamp Community in September 2014. Eating meditation When I sit down with food, my thoughts are full of anxious thoughts, or judgments, or comparisons. “Why did you get that much? Don’t eat that. […]

Wake Up Retreat at Mountain Lamp

Erica Fugger Deep Listening 2015

Listening Deeply to Build Community

Wake Up has this energy of effortlessness, aimlessness, just the joy of being together. The joy of sitting and the joy of sharing life. I have a lot of trust in the Sangha. Because everyone is so different, they bring so much to the reunion of the togetherness. Our unity is much stronger than individual […]

Spiritual Mentorship Project   Recently updated !

Come join us on a journey to co-create and develop a Spiritual Mentorship program. We are seeking to rekindle the sacred role of mentorship and menteeship in order to invite a dialogue around: 1)  Sustaining spiritual practice, so that we see more clearly how our spiritual practice supports our daily living practice. 2)  How spiritual practice […]


My Loved Day

A Sharing from the Wake Up UK and Ireland Retreat in Plum Village On April 17-24, 2015, around 60 members of Wake Up Sanghas in the UK and Ireland came to deepen their mindfulness practice and nourish their brotherhood and sisterhood in Plum Village monastery and practice centre, south west France. We had a special program […]



By Jonathan Borella Haga clic aquí para leer en español Aware of the suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, stealing, and oppression, I am committed to practicing generosity in my thinking, speaking, and acting. I am determined not to steal and not to possess anything that should belong to others; and I will share my […]

The Monastics’ Sharing about Wake Up on French Television

Haga clic aquí para leer en español On 24 May 2015, Brother Phap Luu and Sister Hai Nghiem were interviewed on French national television. They shared about the birth of the Wake Up movement, the meaning of Wake Up, the Wake Up manual, and how the movement can help young people with their lives. The interview […]

Plum Village monastics' sharing about Wake Up on France 2


Peace Sounds 2 Music 1

Dear Wake Uppers, In 2012 Wake Up London had an idea… could we put together a music album of songs performed by the Wake Up London community and friends? Six months later we were delighted to release Peace Sounds – 12 songs reflecting our Wake Up values of peace, togetherness and positive change. If you […]

Reflections on Dharma Gaia’s Summer Retreat

by Johanna and Hannah Haga clic aquí para leer en español Shortly after we arrived, Dharma Gaia was offering a four day summer retreat for the New Zealand sangha (at the end of November 2014). After three days of preparation 40 sangha members including 13 children arrived, some who were coming for the first time, with […]


Wake Up Pereira

Wake Up Pereira

Our Sangha of the month for this month is Wake Up Pereira from Colombia! Thanks to the monastics’ visit to Latin America at the end of last year, they were inspired to start a Sangha. Read here to get to know them better and how they are practicing together