Wake Up tour in Latin America with monastics

Vivir Despiertos 2014: A Mindfulness Tour in Latin America

Enjoy following the tour of seven monastic brothers and sisters introducing Plum Village practices for the first time to thousands of people in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua and Mexico, with a special focus on young people and educators. This Dharma-blog presents reports of each event, with pictures and comments from the monastics. vivirdespiertos2014.blogspot.com


Day of Mindfulness at the USC 1

Haga clic aquí para leer en español Plum Village monks and nuns hosted a Day of Mindfulness in Vietnamese at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the 5th of April 2014. Almost 60 students of different ages participated. This is the account of the event by the American-Vietnamese newspaper Nguoi Viet. There were about […]

Day of Mindfulness with Wake Up Singapore

“Now I Can Feel the Joy of Simplicity” – Reflections on Wake Up Singapore 1

Haga clic aquí para leer en español The members of last month’s Sangha of the Month, Wake Up Singapore, share about their practice and how their Sangha changes their life…   Rofan: My extended family is very big on eating. Every Saturday, we will go and have a long and expensive meal where we try out the cuisines from Australia, […]