Sophie Webb Plum Village

The 2014 Family Retreat

Last year at New Barn Family Retreat I enjoyed playing with my friends. I met a lot of new people and found out the names of the animals. There were many fun activities such as feeding the goat. A funny thing happened when I was playing––Sammy the Ram escaped! Luckily […]


Call to Action: People’s Climate Prayer 1

  People’s Climate Prayer: November 29th – December 11th, 2015 12th November 2015 To All Plum Village Practice Centers, To All Order of Interbeing Members, To All Our Sanghas World-wide, To Our Dear Beloved Friends, To support the upcoming Paris Climate Summit (COP21) and in solidarity with theGlobal Buddhist Climate […]

Five Years of Wake Up London

Five Years of Wake Up London

By Joe Holtaway Wake Up London is now five years old  In the Quaker meeting house surrounded by friends and heaps of nice food on 17 October 2015, we sang peace songs, shared memories and danced (thanks to Tom’s DJing talents!) in celebration of all that has happened ever since […]


Enjoy watching international Wake Up ambassadors performing Stiller, an adaptation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, during the Be-In at the retreat with the monastics in Deer Park Monastery earlier this month.

Wake Up Indonesia

Wake Up Indonesia

As Sangha of the Month this month, we get to know Wake Up Indonesia and how they get involved with the monastics in forming a nourishing community

Be Here Now Sangha

Being Here Now for 13 Years! 4

I started the Be Here Now Sangha, rooted in the mindfulness tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, in September of 2002, when I was 23 years old. My husband and I had sat with a meditation group on the east coast, earlier that same year, called the Night Sky Sangha.While they have […]

Jenny Hamp (middle) with other Wake Up New York friends

The Middle Way Sangha

Addressing “Aging Out” of the Wake Up New York Sangha   Dear sangha, I am writing to share happy news from New York. The young adult Wake Up Sangha is growing with the collective community in a new and beautiful way.  It is a transition I have been waiting for, […]


My One Year Residency at Blue Cliff Monastery

How one year at Blue Cliff Monastery opened Thien Kim’s heart ten-fold.     I could not possibly put one-year of experience living at Blue Cliff Monastery in just one article – there is just too much to share! But one thing I can say for sure is that my […]

Wake Up

Weaving the Wake Up Web

For the past few years I have had the immense pleasure of serving as a Wake Up Coordinator. What exactly is a Wake Up Coordinator? The way I describe it is as follows: There are hundreds of amazing young adults all over the world who are practicing mindfulness by leading healthy and […]

Monastic Sister Sinh Nghiem and her family

Love Reconnection 2

By Monastic Sister Sinh Nghiem As monastics we are allowed periodically to have a home visit. I wanted to have a home visit to see my grandma with my parents because it might be the last time we saw each other for my grandma, who is 88 years old. I […]

Wake Up NYC

Wake Up New York

As Sangha of the Month for the month of October, we travel to the east coast of the United States and find out how Wake Up New York is flourishing in a busy, cosmopolitan city!

me and joe flugel

The Music We Are

“It was quite incredible how much love there was in 6 days” Last year’s “The Music We Are” Wake Up retreat at the EIAB started with an idea a few years ago. Nadine, a Wake Up friend from Groningen, the Netherlands, took it on board. She, together with some friends, organised the […]

Enjoying the countryside in Quang Nam

Letting Go And Taking Refuge in the Island of Self 2

  New Year New Me: A story of letting go and taking refuge in the island of self Dear Thay, I am writing this letter to you during the first week of the New Year. I have just read your 2014 New Year’s Eve Dharma talk on “New Year New Me” on […]

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

  by Brother Phap Man Mother Earth Earth Mother. Womb. We have never been apart for all of these ages, and never apart for all these ages to come. The willow tree, the clear pool reflecting blue sky, the water flowing as blood in my veins. This breath — nothing […]